cube controls formula sport side usb
A quick intro In November 2019, we introduced on the market the brand-new Cube Controls Formula Sport. It’s our entry-level racing wheel, the perfect option for passionates who want an immersive Sim Racing experience without sacrificing quality and precision details. Barry Rowland from Sim Racing Garage recently reviewed the Cube Controls Formula Sport, classic version. We’re excited to share his thoughts in this new blog post.  
I like the way Cube Controls has increased the stiffness of their wheel by adding 6 more mounting points to the nice looking carbon fiber front plate. The new grips on this wheel offer a shape that is deeper than they are wide. I thought them to be very comfortable while I was using it. The new injection grip material can be used with or without gloves. The carbon and aluminum shifters have a good range of adjustability for an F1 styled wheel. Being switchless in design, should give a long life cycle. They are also a pleasure to use. Giving you a nice crisp tactile click when activated. It has no bad habits I could find and seems to be one that is built well enough to last a long time.
  You can find the original blog post by Sim Racing Garage, here.  Right below you can find the youtube video!

3, 2, 1, Action! 🎬  Enjoy!