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All our products, as per European law, are guaranteed for 2 years. The Warranty is reduced to 1 year for products purchased for internal usage by B2B customers (e.g. simulation venues using our products on their own sim rigs)

Yes, unfortunately, this is by law. If you are not an EU Citizen you must pay a Customs fee once you get the box delivered to your door. We can’t predict Customs costs for each country yet.

You need our proprietary software CubeSet (check the latest version here [link] a download) in addition to SimHub for superior customization.

All the Cube Controls products are compatible with most OSW and Direct Drive out there, depending on the engine/base brand you might need an accessory.

Our wheel hubs have industry-standard 3 M5 holes 50,8 mm PCD compatible with various adapters. 50,8mm Universal QR will fit directly, as well as the QRX. We also provide 50.8mm to 70mm 6 M5 hole pattern adapters.

The Classic Wireless collection is compatible with Simucube Wheel Base Wireless modules only.

The New Collection featuring dual-mode USB+Bluetooth connection can be paired directly to your PC bypassing the wheelbase.

Yes, you can use our products with a Simucube Base. Our steering wheels will fit easily with their QR. If you don’t have a Simucube Quick Release and you wish to use our Universal Quick Release or QRX, you will need a QRX Simucube direct adapter. The adapter is also necessary if you wish to attach our wheels to a Simucube Wheelbase without using a QR.

Yes, you can use our products with a Fanatec Base. You will need a Fanatec Podium Hub.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility as you need an adapter which is scarcely available on the market and provided only by third parties.

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