Sim Racing Steering Wheel

Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel

Real and Motorsport are merging into something extraordinary and with the Cube Controls x Mercedes-AMG GT Edition SIM Wheel we really want to take your Sim Racing  Experience to the very next level!


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From the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series and GT2 right to your simulator, the new Cube Controls – Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel promises to take you into an unparalleled driving sensation. Featuring the same shifters used in the high-end GT vehicles, this steering wheel’s ergonomics, crafted for pro-racers, ensures you remain comfortably in control during the most demanding sessions.

A steering wheel born from the heart of racing.

Passionate motorsport fans will love the GT steering wheel, designed in partnership with Mercedes-AMG. It combines state-of-the-art design with exceptional performance capabilities to provide a driving experience that is second to none.

AMG GT Wheel
Momentary buttons 10
Grip-to-Grip wheel length 32 cm
Grip max thickness 43 mm
Motorsport driven grips ergonomics, same grip shape as the real Track Series and GT2 cars
Proprietary custom made tactile button assembly
Improved button guards with better ergonomics and feeling
Q-CONN usb connector
Backlight RGB buttons
Front rotary encoders with RGB label 2
Thumb rotary encoders with RGB label 2
Motorsport grade paddle shifters, exactly the same as used on the real Mercedes-AMG Track Series and GT2 cars
2x multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder 2
Integrated charging electronics
LiPo battery, up to 40 hours of use V 2000mAh
Connection and battery status LEDs (green when charged, red while charging, yellow when out of power)
On/off pushbutton on the backside of the wheel
In-software shifters configuration
5mm brushed and anodized aluminum front plate
Front carbon badge and genuine Mercedes Benz logo, same as GT2 cars
Die-cast back enclosure and main frame
Optional wheel hub compatible with all formula-style quick release hubs (3 bolts, 1-inch and 70mm PCD)
Weight 1300g
VR friendly
USB+Bluetooth Dual mode
Q-conn magnetic connection cable
Customizable RGB LEDs buttons and dials


Additional information

Weight 1,3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 34 × 17 cm

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