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Time to RACE HARD again - a letter to our community

Dear racers,
it seems yesterday when we started our adventure in this incredible world. Sim Racing is a melting pot full of wonders and we are really proud to have achieved such goals.

Like many of us, the journey was way far from linear or easy. Actually, it’s still a hell of a ride! Sometimes we won, sometimes we failed, every time we learned something new.

We grow, always hoping to become a better version of ourselves.

In this amazing experience what made the difference was your opinion, your enthusiasm, your feedback, and even your complaints. We have read every comment, every positive and negative post, the Reddit threads, the DMs, we’ve been drinking from the firehose to find the best answer to your requests. Finally, after all the attempts, we have it!

Allow us to thank you for this. From the whole Cube Controls team thanks for joining us until now and to provide us with the right motivation.

Now it’s time to be super transparent and talk with you fair and square.

Guys, what happened with the top-notch wheels?

Nice question!
Long story short: the global situation sucks!

Full version: At the beginning of 2021, the Pandemic was still rampaging, badly affecting the supply chain. Knowing the possible scenarios we managed to stockpile all the materials to cushion the blow and avoid shortage.

As you know, Cube Controls has a small but badass team, and all the wheels are hand-assembled one by one, so for us was crucial to be ready at our best and be able to keep carry on with our pace.

Also, you seem to really appreciate our top-tier steering wheels, yes, those ones with the display that provide the non-plus-ultra racing experience, so we couldn’t let you down.

But there was one thing that we didn’t see coming at all: due to lockdowns, Sim Racing has become more popular, attracting not only new and welcomed sim racers but also new competitors, which is fine too until they don’t buy your LCDs supplier.


UGT, the provider of the screens and software for our beloved CSX2 and GTX, has been acquired from one of our competitors. The lack of guarantees in terms of support and future updates forced us to make a bitter choice.

We interrupted the production of CSX2 and GTX, preferring to lose money to the idea of selling you a steering wheel potentially doomed. Now, imagine receiving multiple times per day, for a year and a half, the same very question and you don’t have an answer or a quick solution. 

CSX2 and GTX were in fact designed considering those LCDs only. A proper replacement will take a huge effort. One of the most frustrating moments of our company’s history to date. But we think we took the right decision.

Most importantly we learned the lesson, so we went open-source: by popular demand our upcoming wheels with display will be SimHub based, pushing away the possibility of repeating the same mistake.

The challenge

Implementing things is a hell of a roller coaster. There are multiple factors to keep into account, and you have to coordinate the actions of everyone. All these things keeping in mind the Commandments of Cube Controls: our products must have a unique design, be made with quality materials, must have a good value for money, must provide the racers with top performance, must be an enhanced version of its previous iteration in all its features.

While working on the solution we faced some big challenges: the biggest one was to completely rethink the core or our wheels. A task that incidentally crossed with our desire to bring our whole collection to a new level.

As the inner architecture of our top-notch wheels was built to accommodate UGT elements, many components were incompatible for a simple replacement. To be honest, we didn’t think to make a “simple replacement” at all, as there were some new major features that we were thrilled to introduce. So we zipped all those tasks into a single, huge, super-ambitious project.

We started revamping the Formula Pro, turning the new F-PRO into the keystone from which to develop a full-optional sister with the display.

Backlight RGB LEDs, magnetic USB connection, double Joystick, all these things are included in our brand new CSX-3, the long-awaited top-notch that you welcomed with unprecedented enthusiasm.

And we add more! Display with touch-screen, all buttons, dials and LED bars compatible with SimHub via a dedicated plugin, optional set of extra paddles for this Formula wheel too!

But we want to let you discover all new features on your own, so please, enjoy the CSX-3.
It has been a pleasure to tell you everything. Kind of relieving, actually. 🙂

Sorry if it took us so long but, this is it!
Time to RACE REALLY HARD again!