GT-X2 - Behind the project

The long-waited GT-X2 is finally here! Craved by most of the Cube Controls’ fans, the GT-X2 is completing the new generation of our GT Collection.

This project comes from a long collaboration with JAS Motorsport, for which we developed a real steering wheel for the Honda Civic Type-R. 

Despite some technical differences due to different needs, both the steering wheels share most of the components that make the drive experience a great mix of sim and real racing!

A Spotlight on the GT-X2

The GT-X2 is completing the GT collection, bringing along all the new and improved features of the New Generation’s steering wheel. 

Magnetic connection with Q-CONN cable, customizable LEDs and dashboard with Simhub, silicone rubber grips that guarantee maximum grip in any racing situation.

But there is more: one of the most important features is the possibility of choosing grips that change the diameter of the steering wheel, transforming it from a diameter of 30 cm to 32 cm and vice versa.

It is also equipped with a high-resolution 5” touch-screen to allow every sim racer to keep track of every piece of data derived from his car.

The GT-X2 is available in four different front colors, but let’s make it clear, it is not just a different color; it’s also a different material as it’s made in carbon fiber reinforced polymer, while the back plate is made from diecast aluminum.

Ergonomics is one of the strong points of this wheel; driving comfort is always at the forefront and guarantees unparalleled comfort, even during long driving sessions.