F PRO front

F-PRO Firmware Version 20-08-2022 and Software V5 - Patch Note

MANUAL HAS BEEN UPDATED. Download updated Manual

Before proceeding with the update, please check the latest version of your Firmware.

  • Incorporated an automatic calibration system for the shifters in the paddle section of the CubeSet app
  • Fine-tuned the shifter activation threshold values to ensure a perfect calibration of the shifters for every system
  • Fine-tuned the clutches calibration to ensure full compatibility for every system
  • Perfected the clutches’ bite point configuration
  • Various small bug fixes

CubeSet V5 IMPORTANT: delete the old version before upgrading to this one!

Paddles Section:

  • New automatic Shifter Config system to simplify the process and ensure perfect shifting.

Instructions to configure the shifters:

  • Click the CALIBRATE button of the left shifter
  • Press and Hold the left shifter
  • While holding the left shifter, click the button again

Repeat for the right shifter: