F PRO front

F-PRO Firmware Version 24-02-2022 and Software V2 - Patch Note

Firmware, software and manual have been updated. Download updated Manual

Before proceeding with the update, please check the latest version of your Firmware.

  • Improvements on the clutch paddle, removed the dead zone when using them combined

CubeSet V2 IMPORTANT: delete the old version before upgrading to this one!

  • Implemented radio button to set clutch paddles as separated with bite point disabled (Disable), or conjoined with the bite point on the left paddle (Left) or the right paddle (Right) IMPORTANT: Re-calibration in windows game controllers might be needed between each settings change.
  • Activated Inputs page to test the F-PRO inputs on press
  • RGB setting now correctly display the colour set when re-editing the colour profile
  • Added Check Latest Update button, to find new firmware updates directly in-app (available soon)