F PRO front

F-PRO Firmware Version 09-02-2022 - Patch Note

Firmware and manual have been updated. Download updated Manual

Before proceeding with the update, please check the latest version of your Firmware.

  • Updated Dual-Mode switching procedure:
    • Combination Button 22 + On/Off Backside button has now a switching-only function. Press and hold Button 22 while turning on the wheel with the button in the backside to switch between BLE and USB mode.
    • The device will now boot up to the latest connection method used. If the BLE led is off, the device is connected via USB mode.
    Improved shift paddles calibration routine:
    • The shifters will recalibrate the zero point on each reboot and a proper activation threshold will be calculated. This will ensure better performance and eliminate ghost or failed shifts. IMPORTANT: To ensure a proper calibration do not press the paddle shifter at start-up.